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There are many factors involved with getting a psychic reading.  There are things to look out for and ways you can prepare for your special reading.  Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of psychics and readings.  A medium can communicate with the deceased, a clairvoyant can see into the future, an empath can actually feel what you're going through, etc.  Psychics might use a variety of tools such as; tarot cards, oracle cards, crystal ball, pendulum, runes, etc.  Some psychics just use their natural abilities without any tools at all.  Decide which kind of reading you are looking for and choose your advisor accordingly. 


You should approach a psychic reading with a positive mind set.  Don't waste your time on any company offering an "instant psychic reading" by less than about 20 minutes.  If you want half baked spiritual guidance then that is your choice.  We believe true spiritual guidance and healing to be invaluable.  You will understand that when you talk to one of our truly gifted professionals.  In that immediate moment, you will know that the universe is much more magical and complex than your day to day life.  You will see how it all unfolds, offering, and opening up endless possibilities for your own development.


Approach a psychic reading with realism.  Your psychic cannot return an errant lover, provide lottery numbers, competition winnings, or instant get rich schemes.  They are there to guide you and help you on your life path with your own free will.  Remember that a psychic works with spirit and that psychic energy needs the positive focus from both reader and client.  Do not try and test or block the reader.  You will not have a successful reading if you do this.  You might be expected to give a small amount of information so that the reader can tap into your energy field.


Most professional psychics and psychic mediums have an accuracy level of around 80%.  Remember the correct decoding of the information depends on both the channel and the receiving party.  It is the psychic's responsibility to channel the messages and deliver them to you.  It is your responsibility to interpret those messages.  If you need some clarification don't be afraid to ask for it!  Usually your FIRST instinct about the translation is the correct one.  This is the message that you have been given.


With that being said....sometimes the questions that we WANT answered do not come through the reading.  If that is the case then it wasn't meant for you to know at this time.  Sometimes we have to get through the phase we are in and complete it before we can get clarity on the next one.  Spirit tells us what we are supposed to know....not always what we WANT to know.  Most of the time our questions do get answered without even asking.  Other times the questions that are in our minds, are not necessarily in our hearts.  Only spirit knows.


There are a few things that we can do to make the most out of our readings, to raise the energy level of our frequency, and to get close to spirit:


1.  Stay away from caffeine for 24 hours if possible (or at the very least 3-4 hours before.)

2.  Drink PLENTY of water.  Dehydration will hinder your reading.

3.  Stay away from carbs or high fat foods for 24 hours before (or at the very least 3-4 hours before.)

4.  Eat a light breakfast consisting of fresh fruits, a light lunch, or a meatless dinner (before your reading.)

5.  Get plenty of rest before your reading.  Don't be tired or sluggish.

6.  Try to meditate before your reading...even if only for a few minutes. 

7.  A hot dead sea salt bath will clear your energy field of toxins and open you up to divine communication.

8.  Hold a crystal in your hand to open up the chakras, repel negativity, and allow your reader to connect with spirit.

9.  Clear your mind and focus on your questions and thoughts.

10.  Listen to the reader communicate clear, concise messages, and allow healing to take place.


Nissaki Spiritual Center is not a "one time fix it" or a "band aid".  We are not an "instant psychic" network.  We have the best advisors in the world on our site who promise QUALITY and not necessarily quantity.  Our purpose on this website is healing.  A psychic reading is meant to uncover blocked emotions and bring them to the surface so that healing can take place.  Since physical illness stems from blocked emotions, this type of spiritual therapy can be a great addition to other modalities. 


We are not a substitute for medical care. 

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