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A "Psychic" is strictly defined as someone who is sensitive to non physical or supernatural influences.  We are all psychic to some extent.  Maybe we have expected the phone to ring and knew who was on the other end, maybe we had a dream or premonition and later found out that it came true, or maybe we simply predicted what was going to happen next in a movie.  These are all examples of basic psychic abilities.


As if that wasn't enough of a basic explanation, let's take this one step further to explain the different "types" of psychic abilities: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairalience, & Clairkenesis.  These are what a psychic starts with as far as basic intuition.  Most of the time one type will be more prominent than the others.  In some cases psychics have been known to possess more than one- or even all of these qualities.   


Clairvoyance means to "clearly see" the signs that are given to you whether it is mentally or with your physical eyes.  These might be through dreams while you are sleeping, daydreams while you are awake, or actual signs that appear before you- such as; number sequences, shadows, moving objects, lights, pictures, people, activities, etc.  Some psychics can "see" the past, present, future, or all three.


Clairaudience refers to "clearly hearing."  You may be startled out of a deep sleep by hearing your name called suddenly, you may hear music from out of nowhere, voices that sound far away, or maybe a conversation on the tv or radio that sounds like it was meant for only you to hear.  Some have even heard a very high pitched almost screaming sound in one (or both) of the ears...usually the left.


Clairsentience is "clearly feeling."  This could be in the form of overwhelming emotions that come to you from out of the blue such as; joy, excitement, compassion, sadness, or embarrassment.  These emotions tend not to stay with you...they come to us so that we can experience the message and than the feeling is released.


Claircognizance is the gift of "clear thinking."  This is when you know something without actually knowing HOW you know!  It is when an idea or an answer pops into your head from out of nowhere without a logical explanation.  It can also be referred to as your first instinct.  This sort of divine information is usually random & can sometimes require you to take a leap of faith.


Clairalience is referred to as "clear smelling."  Sensitive psychics (mediums) can actually smell the scent or odor of a person not of this plane.  They can sometimes smell tobacco, food, perfumes, flowers, etc.  Some can also smell actual places where the deceased person lived or worked.  This sort of ability is usually experienced through a medium since it focuses on those who have passed.


Clairkenesis is the ability to feel Angels or Spirit Guides around you (or another person.)  Some have even felt an actual touch or a presence that someone else was in the room.  You may also experience changes in the temperature- feeling suddenly cold or very warm.  This is an amazing experience.


We all possess some of these qualities, however, we do not always choose to use them.  Although these gifts are God given to us, they require time and much practice to master.  It's not so much 'learning' how to be psychic but rather how we 'learn to use' our psychic gifts.  Those of us who have developed these talents on a more professional level are called Psychics. 


Giving a psychic reading is just as much of a job as any other service that is offered.  It takes up just as much personal energy and time and should be compensated as such.  After all we pay our doctors, lawyers, massage therapists, hair stylists, & manicurists...why wouldn't we pay our psychics?  It is good Karma to have that energy exchange after receiving any kind of service.  Please also keep in mind, as with any service, you get what you pay for.

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